How to Buy: Top FAQs for Boho Fashion

Bohemian fashion is undoubtedly among the most artistic styles out there. Want to channel your inner boho goddess? Whether you are building your wardrobe from scratch or want to update it with new pieces, we have prepared a quick guide for you. Check out the top FAQS for boho fashion to get you started!

Is boho chic coming back?

One of the top FAQs for boho fashion is if boho chic is making a comeback. Trust us when we say, it was never out of style in the first place!

Bohemian style has always been a classic — a fashion direction that thrives in creativity, artistry, and free spirit. Boho chic pieces have been a go-to for many fashion aficionados because of their carefree yet gorgeous aesthetic.

Many fashion trends come and go but boho style will always stay and slay.

Can I wear boho fashion to work?

While boho fashion is often associated with a laidback lifestyle, you can still showcase your bohemian aesthetic even at work. Boho chic pieces are versatile so that you can seamlessly transition from work to play.

With your bohemian wardrobe staples, you can create multiple work-appropriate outfits that are stylish and comfortable to wear. Scroll through some of our styling tips on wearing your boho chic essentials to your 9-to-5.

Lovely longsies

Maxi dresses are perfect for all occasions, whether you are heading to the beach, attending a special event like a wedding, having brunch with the girls, enjoying a date with your significant other, or slaying at work. They provide good coverage, making them modest enough for work yet keeping the boho style on point.

Lotta Dress
Lotta Dress - Blue
Lotta Dress - Blue
Lotta Dress - Blue
Lotta Dress - Blue
Lotta Dress
Lotta Dress
Lotta Dress - Blue
Lotta Dress - Blue
Lotta Dress - Blue
Lotta Dress - Blue
Lotta Dress

This lovely Lotta Dress is an essential boho fashion staple! It goes beyond the style itself, achieving a timeless, all-seasons style you'll love for those humid days out! The best part: you can wear this loose or wrap the ties around your waist for a figure-hugging look!

 Bohemian style maxi dress Show less

Breathable fabrics are great for warmer seasons. When the cooler months start to make its way, you can still flaunt a lovely maxi. Floor-grazing frocks with thicker material like the Dao Dress make great winter fits. The loose sleeves style adds a boho flair to this fabulous piece.

Pants and patterns

The typical work pants are usually in neutral tones and often paired with patterned pieces. Why not take your style up a notch and wear bohemian patterns on your pants instead?

Boho printed patterned pants

Teaming up a lovely plain blouse with printed pants is a great way to showcase your love for boho fashion. Take cues from this pretty look featuring the Alice Pants, a solid-coloured top, and leather boots. Accessorised, of course, with a long necklace!

Stylish statement with a kimono

Looks featuring neutral tones such as black, white, and grey are the usual combinations for corporate fashion. Elevate your usual work fits by throwing over a stylish statement. A cute kimono with a bohemian print will certainly style up your ensemble!

boho print kimono

See how the Keisha Duster makes this neutral-toned outfit look effortlessly fashionable? It’s a quick glam fix that always does the job!

Where can I buy ethical boho clothing?

Ethical clothing has become a trend, but it is more than just an “in thing”. Ethical practices in the fashion industry go beyond that.

Slow and sustainable fashion supports small communities instead of poor mass production practices. At the same time, it minimises fashion waste which is a contributor to much of the world’s pollution. The goal of ethical boho clothing is to produce garments that are meant to be worn over and over again and are made with care and love.

So, where can I buy ethical boho clothing? Cienna Designs carries pieces that stay true to the brand’s principle of promoting slow and sustainable fashion.

In fact, we have been partners with local communities in countries such as Indonesia for over 15 years. Through this collaboration, we help augment their income while they craft wonderful pieces that are sure to last a lifetime. A win-win for everyone!

What are the latest boho fashion trends?

Trends come and go but bohemian fashion stays in style. Apart from the classic boho looks, what are the latest boho fashion trends? Let’s go take a look and quickly answer one of the top FAQs for boho fashion!


People have grown more conscious of their consumer decisions with many incorporating sustainable and ethical practices into their lifestyle. Among them is sustainable fashion.

Sustainability is one of the hottest trends in bohemian fashion where boho lovers prioritise brands that offer slow fashion — pieces that can be worn over and over again. A small action such as buying clothes from brands that have sustainable habits goes a long way in helping care for mother nature!

Neutral and earthy tones

Subdued tones are certainly pleasant to the eyes— simple, soft, yet stunning. Aside from the striking colours and patterns of boho fashion, neutral and earthy tones also dominate this year’s fashion trends. Think muted shades paired with wonderful patterns.

Love it? Well, check out the Zara Wrap Skirt! This divine beauty is a great summer staple that you can wear with a plain top or a matching piece. The simplicity of its colour works beautifully with the frills and overall design of this skirt.

Boho style wrap skirt and matching top

Oversized silhouettes reimagined with new designs and details

Loose clothing is a style that’s quite popular in bohemian fashion. After all, it perfectly exudes the carefree vibe of this aesthetic. One trend that’s made a buzz is oversized clothing. In boho fashion, these are oversized silhouettes that are reimagined with contemporary details.

A great example of this is the Monika Set, a two-in-one beauty that features wide leg pants and a matching top. The vintage print is undoubtedly pretty, especially when paired with its comfortable and breezy fabric.

This wonder has an oversized silhouette with beautiful frills and bohemian pattern that overall makes it a fabulous ensemble.

Two piece boho oversized pants and top

Mixed prints and patterns

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the boho style loves prints and patterns. From the perennial favourite florals to tribal and vintage styles, there are a lot of designs you can experiment with in bohemian fashion.

But why settle with one when you can rock ‘em all? Mixed prints and patterns have made waves in boho. When put together, these colours and patterns create such a fun statement piece that is sure to turn heads.

Among the bestsellers here at Cienna Designs are our reversible wrap skirts. These feature two different prints on each side of the skirt, allowing you to decide what layer to wear that matches your mood. A bang for your buck!

Look at how the Nala Wrap Skirt makes such a marvellous look! The striped patterns on the top layer blend playfully with the other print on the bottom. We love how the second design peeks through, adding more flair to the outfit.

Bohemian style mixed print wrap skirt

Embroidery and handcrafted details

Details truly matter, especially when they are made by hand and with love! Embroidery and handcrafted items are selling like hotcakes. Not asking questions here because we know how elegant and beautiful these details are. These pieces will surely elevate your look and add more sophistication to it.

Bags are often an afterthought, but just by adding an embroidered bag, you can instantly upgrade your fit. It’s an instant glam fix! Case in point: The Velvet Boho Bag with intricate needle and beadwork matched with tassels definitely steals the spotlight.

Velvet bohemian style embroidered beadwork bag

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve — but you can wear embroidery! Aside from accessories, details such as embroidery and frills also look amazing on clothing. If you want to take your bohemian style up a notch, we recommend adding an embroidered coverup like the Harta Jacket to your wardrobe.

The floral patterns are gorgeous as they stand out against the blissful blue tones of this lovely jacket. More than its design, it is the texture brought by the thread against the jacket that makes it a really stunning piece.

Blue jacket with embroidery details

How to bag the best of boho fashion

We hope we’ve answered your top FAQs for boho fashion in 2023. Bohemian style is really simple and straightforward: it’s just a mix of comfort, artistry, and free spirit. How can you bag the best of boho fashion? Check out our full, timeless selection at Cienna Designs.

From wrap skirts to breezy tops and even jewellery, we have what you need to flaunt your best bohemian style. Plus, we offer free shipping for Australian orders over $150, Afterpay on all products and our customer service is top-notch.

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