The 5 Best Summer Boho Dresses in Australia

Sunny days are here! You know what that means? Basking under the bright summer sun and having an amazing time outside — whether by the beach or going out and about with friends. With the sunshine season here, now is the perfect time for you to spice up your wardrobe with vibrant and flowy frocks. Looking for summer boho dresses in Australia? We rounded up the hottest pieces to match the summer heat.

Fabric & Fit: Choosing the Right Boho Dress for Australia's Climate

Before we walk you through our favourite summer sartorial choices, we’d like to share with you some fashion tips for picking the right boho dress for every season. The land down under enjoys four seasons, each of which has different weathers that call for a variety in fits.

The warmer seasons of spring and summer are all about breeziness and comfort. Think flowy dresses with skin-baring cuts. For materials, we highly recommend soft and smooth fabrics such as silk viscose. Not only are they lightweight but they are also super comfy to wear. Perfect for the sunny seasons!

Summer boho printed dress Australia

A sneak peek of our list of top summer boho dresses in Australia: This midi dress with a breezy cut is wonderful for the seasons with warmer weather.

When the sun starts to hide and the cooler seasons of fall and winter say hi, it’s best to come prepared with longer dresses. Maxi dresses with long sleeves are suitable for these months because they keep you warm against the chilly Aussie air.

Something we take pride in is the versatility of our boho dresses here at Cienna Designs. Keeping our lovely bohemian goddesses in mind, we design pieces that are beautiful for the warmer seasons but also great for cooler months. Versatility at its finest!

Top 5 Hottest Summer Boho Dresses Australia

Now that you have an idea of what clothing is best to wear in different seasons, it’s time we let you in on our top summer boho dresses in Australia. Are your carts ready? ;)

Dress like a darling: Jasmine Dress

Darling style summer boho dress Australia

Charm your way this summer with the darling Jasmine Dress. A top pick for this sunshiny season, this piece features a lovely silk blend fabric that is so soft and airy to wear. No more worrying about sweating in this Aussie heat - or sun-safety thanks to these elegant long sleeves.

Aside from its material, you'll love this feminine print and exactly how it feels to do a little twirl in this one! 

Embrace summer vibrance: Natalya Midi Dress

Bohemian style midi summer dress Australia

Match the bright and vivid visuals of summer with a striking piece such as the Natalya Midi Dress.

This deserves a spot in our list of summer boho dresses in Australia because of its overall alluring appeal. We can already imagine you looking gorgeous in this one!

This knee-length beauty has boho patterns in tones of burnt orange and mint. Don’t you just love how the warm and cool tones of these colours blend seamlessly? Its crossover style shows off some skin while its long sleeves provide good coverage from the sun. Adjust the ties at the back for a more figure-hugging look.

Since it is made from soft fabric, you will absolutely feel airy in this dress.

Turn heads with red: Scarlett Midi Dress

Scarlet red bohemian summer dress Australia

Red is always bewitching. Put people under your sartorial spell with this Scarlett Midi Dress. The striking shade of this dress incorporated with hints of gold is sure to turn heads in summer — or any season, for that matter!

This fantastic frock flaunts a similar style as our previous pick: a crossover front that highlights your chest, loose sleeves that allow a wide range of movement, and a tie to cinch your waist. When you want a piece that allows you to transition effortlessly from day to night, this midi is your bestie. You’ll look amazing whether you’re having brunch dates or night outs.

The fabulously classic Florence Dress

Florence Summer Dress

From beach to BBQ: versatility of boho dresses in Aussie summers is evident in this breath-taking Florence Dress. Imagine wearing this by the shore with the wind blowing against it. Such a beautiful sight, right? It's also a nice fit that is sure to get complimetns at your BBQ get-together with friends. 

It's a gorgeous 100% cotton piece with the most stunning embroidery on the bodie and sleeves, featuring a lovely tie on the back for added accentuation. It's the ultimate boho chic style and we just can't get enough of this for all seasons, let alone the summertime soirees!

The statement Palesa V Dress

Palesa Summertime V Dress

Who says you can't wear maxi dresses in summer? While floor-grazing gowns are usually worn in the cooler months, with the right fabric and style, you can rock maxis in the summer. Case in point: the Palesa V Dress is a summer staple. 

This free size fit features a lovely sunset patchwork print, with a matching sash that you can wear with or without for all the more outfit options. 

Caring for Your Dress: Tips to Maintain Bohemian Fabrics in the Summer Heat

Summer boho dresses in Australia typically have silk blend and viscose fabrics. These soft and smooth textiles suit sunny seasons because they are breathable. At the same time, these are also delicate which means you need to give proper care to maintain them.

Here are some quick tips for caring for your Australian summer boho dresses:

- Do not machine wash. Washing machines can get rough, especially for delicate pieces such as silk blend clothing.

- Handwashing your dresses will ensure that they will stay in shape and their quality won’t diminish. Plus, it prevents breakage and tears.

- Use a gentle detergent when washing your dresses. Strong chemicals might ruin your summer clothing.

- Skip the dryer. Air-dry your clothes! With the summer sun shining brightly, you can use it to your advantage by hanging dresses to dry.

- Use a hanger to store your dresses in your closet. This way, you can keep the shape of your dress.

- If you don’t have hanging space in your storage, simply fold your dresses properly. Make sure that the sleeves and frills are tucked in properly.

Accessorising Your Boho Dress: Aussie Summer Essentials

Accessories sometimes end up being an afterthought when dressing up. However, they do wonders for your look. Elevate your summer boho dresses Australia fits with these summer essentials.

Add some shimmer

Hints of gold, silver, bronze, and gems will splash sophistication into your ensemble. Have fun pairing your boho dresses with sparkly necklaces, earrings, and other jewellery.

SA1233 - Double Gold Layered Necklace
SA1233 - Double Gold Layered Necklace
SA1233 - Double Gold Layered Necklace
SA1233 - Double Gold Layered Necklace

Layering isn’t just for clothes but works with necklaces, too! This Double Gold Layered Necklace will make your outfit prettier with its star details and moonstone drop.

Red Stone Earrings - SA1235
Red Stone Earrings - SA1235
Red Stone Earrings - SA1235
Red Stone Earrings - SA1235

Earrings make such a huge difference when incorporated into your outfit. Make a statement with the eye-catching Red Stone Earrings.

Complete your look with head candy

Don’t underestimate the power of a fashionable hat. Head candies such as hats and headbands make wonderful cherries on top of your stylish summer OOTDs. Plus, they protect your face from the sun!

Boho Hat
Boho Hat
Boho Hat
Lotta Dress
Boho Hat
Boho Hat
Boho Hat
Lotta Dress

Trust us when we say you can never go wrong with a Boho Hat in summer. The wide rim of this lovely hat keeps sunlight off your face.

Ola Hat
Ola Hat
Ola Hat
Ola Hat

Be summer-ready with the Ola Hat, a two-toned piece with beautiful bohemian details. Fold this up and bring this whenever you travel.

Storage for summer essentials

It goes without saying that summer is the best time to go out and about. Match your summer boho dresses in Australia with a bag that can hold all of your season essentials.

Denim boho bag

Gorgeous and stores all of your things? Yes, please. The Denim Boho Bag is the bag of your bohemian-loving dreams. The patterns and details are glorious!

Loving our list of Australian summer boho dresses? We guarantee that all of these will look enchanting on you! For other stylish fits for your bohemian wardrobe, check out our full web catalogue at Cienna Designs.